Remedial Works

What are Remedial Works?

Remedial works are repairs performed to fix issues and restore the proper functioning of a system or structure. In pumping systems, these works may involve tasks like fixing faulty pumps, addressing control panel problems, repairing pipes and valves, or resolving other issues affecting system operation.

Qualified professionals conduct remedial works by identifying and resolving underlying problems. This can include assessments, component repairs or replacements, testing, and commissioning to ensure optimal system performance. The goal is to restore functionality, reliability, and longevity while minimizing downtime and ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Your Remedial Works:

Cold water

    • Pump Replacement
    • Vessel Replacement
    • Non-return Valves
    • Isolation Valves
    • Pipework Alterations
    • Inverter Repair/Replace and Alteration 

Foul water

    • Pump Replacement
    • Chain Replacement
    • Float Replacement
    • Rewiring as needed
    • Pipework Repair/Replace and Alteration

Rain Water

    • UV Filter Change
    • Filter clean/change as needed
    • Pipework Repair/Replace and Alteration
    • Pump Replacement