Sample Collection & Testing

Pump Write specialises in water testing, analysis, and sampling services for a wide range of factors including bacteria, metals, and chemistry. Our expertise covers various water systems, including drinking water, hot and cold domestic supply, cold water storage tanks, swimming pools and spas, closed systems, lakes, reservoirs, and any other locations where water is present.

Water testing is a crucial process that ensures the safety and quality of water in different environments. While it may seem simple to collect a water sample and test its contents, it requires careful consideration, planning, and adherence to specific guidelines to avoid potential issues. Without proper planning, water testing can become costly, time-consuming, and problematic.

To ensure an effective sampling plan, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. Reason for Sampling and Frequency: Determine the purpose of sampling, whether it is routine monitoring, compliance with regulations, post-cleaning verification, or other specific needs. Additionally, establish the appropriate frequency of sampling based on regulatory requirements or specific circumstances.

2. Sampling Locations: Identify the locations from which samples need to be collected. This may include various water assets such as tanks, showers, pools, and equipment.

3. Time of Sampling: Determine the appropriate timing for sampling, especially in cases of post-clean and disinfection procedures or when monitoring new water supplies. This ensures accurate assessment of water quality after specific events or treatments.

4. Water Test Type: Select the relevant water tests based on the parameters of interest. This may include testing for bacterias, metals, chemistry, or other specific contaminants.

5. Sample Type: Consider the appropriate type of samples to collect, such as pre or post-flush samples, biofilm samples, or dip samples. Each sample type serves a specific purpose and helps in obtaining accurate and meaningful results.

By considering these important factors and incorporating them into the sampling plan, Pump Write ensures that water testing is conducted in a well-organised and efficient manner. Our goal is to provide accurate and reliable results, enabling our clients to make informed decisions regarding the safety and quality of their water systems.